Eye Pressure Interactive
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Eye Pressures


This 3D interactive of the eye was created to illustrate the complex ocular changes known to occur in spaceflight. Users can manipulate pressure changes in microgravity between intracranial (ICP), intraocular (IOP), aqueous, and central venous pressures (CVP), along with tissue compression forces over time. The interactive includes major anatomical structures of the eye and a menu of possible pressure curves over time in microgravity which users can select and manipulate. The interactive can show complexities which may give researchers new insights to help understand how these changes occur by providing a fast way to understand the factors involved, test hypotheses, predict possible outcomes, and develop countermeasures.


Finalist, Young Investigator Award, Aerospace Medicine Association
Winner, Vesalius Trust Research Grant, Association of Medical Illustrators


Maya, Mudbox, ZBrush, Unity