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We are a team of professionally trained artists with advanced degrees in science, making vizualizations to facilitate science discovery and education. Our speciality is in showing the anatomical and physiological changes known to occur in astronauts. Using our tools for researching these changes is like writing out a complex math problem instead of solving it in your head; they free up memory and permit creativity to explore how the changes may have occured. They also provide quick and clear explanations of the complex concepts involved in aerospace medicine.

Eye Pressures

Eye Pressures

This 3d interactive allows users to idividually manipulate the intracranial, intraocular, aqueous, and central venous pressures in the eye in order to see them in relation to each other and to various lengths of time in microgravity.

Fluid Shift

Fluid Shift

An infographic to show how fluids in the lower body are redistributed in microgravity, causing swelling in the upper body most noticable by a puffy face and shrunken legs.

Space Brain

Space Brain

Visualization for a journal article on the long term effects of cosmic radiation on the brain and central nervous system as a result of spaceflight.

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How we work

We utilize the latest technologies in 2d and 3d to visually explain complex medical concepts.

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